Kids and their cell phones

Imagine that you are sitting in a classroom and a teacher is in the middle of their lecture and a cell phone goes off.  This is probably one of the rudest things that a person can do.  For some reason we have not taken the time to teach our kids cell phone etiquette as this still happens constantly.

Two years ago I was coaching a high school baseball game and I looked out into left field and realized that my left fielder was texting.  I really did not know how to handle this situation as at first I got really mad but when I realized that it was not that big of deal to the athlete, a light popped on in my head.  These phones are now a part of each person and they are with them ALL of the time. 

Instead of fighting the cell phones I tried to use them to my advantage as much as possible.  I tried to tell them what is acceptable and what is not and that they need to take these things seriously.  We also talked about when to use them and when they need to be turned off.   This did not mean put on vibrate, this meant turn them off.  I started texting them as to when I wanted them there for games and practices or any other reminders they needed to know.  We must use this to our advantage but we cannot let our kids lose their etiquette with new technologies.

I do believe that kids having a cell phone is a good thing but I really think we need to make sure that we are teaching them the proper times to use them.


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  1. Matt Elcano on

    In the professional world, if your phone goes off and you’re in the middle of a practice you should lose your job, and I’m sure you would in most cases. While it is good to have means of communication with all the technology advances, kids will not learn proper etiquette without authoritative action.

    If my left-fielder was texting in the middle of a practice, I’d hit him with a pop fly and see how he takes it.

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