A strong handshake and look in the eye can go a long ways!

I am a high school baseball coach and have been for the last eight years.  The one noticable thing I see with the Y  generation is that they do not have the face to face communication skills the kids of the past did.  Their handshakes are weak and their eye contact is non-existent.  This is something we must change in our youngsters as it is so very important.

The reason I believe this has changed is simple.  I believe that the computer and video game generation has kept youngsters from dealing with things face to face.   It is very easy to sit behind a screen and type things to someone you can’t see in real-time, but when you have to sit and look at the person you are talking to it means a lot more as you can read facial expressions, and feel what the other person is thinking. 

We must get our kids communicating correctly  again and the only way to do this is to show them what it takes at an early age.  It does not take much to look someone in the eyes and shake their hand, but it can go a long ways.


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  1. Matt Elcano on

    I believe it is not only an issue with kids sitting behind a computer but also never having the chance to use these people skills in the world. At young ages, kids don’t usually get the option to make their own decisions. They don’t get to meet with authoritative figures and do the meet and greet. And some feel that their voice and personal impression really don’t matter.

    I know personally that I have a way to go in the “firm handshake” area but I have never experienced the moment where I need to express such affirmative expressions. Being the younger brother of a very spring-loaded kid growing up can do that to you I think.

    Parents just need to sit down and think about their kids’ upcoming years before they do the whole process and this will have a much better turn out.

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