When should our kids be learning about social media?

There are many arguments out there for each side of the social media spectrum and they both can argue good points.  The question I am putting forth is; Is there an age that is ” too young” to teach our kids the social media concept?  I truly believe that this concept should be taught at an early age.

The reason I believe this concept should be taught at an early age is because kids are going to have access to the internet earlier and earlier in life and they are going to have to be careful of their reputation.  I know that this sounds bad but we live in America and people will hold you accountable for your actions even if you are at a young age.   Jason Falls does a great job of telling us why we must be up on blogs and social media.


We must stay ahead of the curve.  This is obviously the direction that this world is going in so instead of fight it we must educate.  I am one of the biggest technology haters out there but there is no stopping it so we must control what they are doing on it.


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