Keeping our environment clean

We all know that the better the environment is around us the more likely we are to succeed. So why don’t we preach this concept as an important life skill? It does not matter if you are at your house, in your car, or in a learning environment, the cleaner the environment the better we feel and the more likely we will be  to get better results.

I have found that the best way to take care of the environment around you is to pick one thing everyday to concentrate on. Keep your desk organized and clean. Take pride in how your car and house look. It may not seem like it but people judge you on the environment you live in and if they get into your car and it is disgusting;then they make an automatic non conscious judgment that could affect you down the road. Do you think that employers want to hire people who are slobs?

We must get this information in our classrooms as well as our training sessions. This applies to anything from the internet to our rooms. If we get sloppy on the internet, no one will want to look at our stuff. There is evidence that these people are also healthier as they spend more time thinking about how they look. We must get a class in our high schools called life skills that takes care of issues like this. As employers, we must make this concept clear to our employees as we want the environment to be as clean as possible.


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