Ideas to prevent “the video game effect”

Employees and kids are usually willing to work with us especially if we approach them in the right ways.  There are a few steps that I believe we can take to prevent this effect with our kids and employees spending their entire days staring at a screen.  I truly believe we must teach our kids the balance between screens and the importance of people skills, excersize and getting outside.

The first thing I would say to prevent this from happening is we must regulate, educate, and teach our kids the meaningful balance of technology and excersize.  We must stress that both are important.  The second thing I would say is we  need to get our kids and employees communicating again.  This doesn’t mean that they sit in front of a computer and talk to people on email or skype.  This means they get up and meet others, shake their hands, look them in the eyes and learn the things that are so important when you meet someone.  The last thing I would suggest would be to teach our kids how to get better at communicating even when they are on line.  They should always write proper and if they are using something like skype, they should look the other person in the eyes. 

These are just a few suggestions.  I know that there are many ideas out there and I am looking forward to being involved in this conversation!


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