“The Video Game Effect”

Although I do believe that there is a time and a place for video games, I think that they are abused, to say the least.  It is becoming so easy for our parents to just stick their kids on a video game so they don’t have to watch or worry about them.  You wonder why we are so concerned about the future.  Video games are becoming a huge problem. Our children are now inside instead of out, trying to figure out how Mario will jump through the hoop instead of being outside jumping through the hoop themselves.  Many of the important life skills we learn are from being outside and experimenting with things when we are little.

This is also a huge problem for employers.  As employees from the Y generation begin to get jobs in the corporate world, there must be a close watch on what these people are doing on their computers.  We must get our people to get outside of this environment every once in a while and away from screens as we must get them dealing face to face again.  These are things that both education and businesses are fighting and we must get together to make people understand that technology is good, but too much of it can hurt us as a society.  We are becoming way too soft!!!


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