Blogging about the issues I will be blogging about

The main passion in my life is working with other people, especially the youth.  The psychology of each individual is fascinating to me and when you throw in technology it becomes mind blowing.  To think that our kids sit and play on technology all day yet do not know where to start when it comes to looking for a job or solving a problem is a problem!

The environment is constantly changing and I truly believe we are at a revolutionary time.  We must study and discuss what works and what doesn’t.  We must not criticize each other for trying new things as there will be times when they do not work.

We must be dedicated in this field, not only teachers but employers and trainers.  We must get and understand these concepts.  My goal and purpose is to get the discussion out on to the table and let the issues be discussed by our leaders in families, employment and education.  .


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